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2013 » Asian Pre-Conference 

Service learning for higher eudcation in South Korea
Posted on Wednesday, January 01, 2014

R. Lester Walsh, Lousie Patterson, Roumell Erichsen

This research was conducted at a top ten university in Seoul, South Korea, within the confines of a course titled University English. The instructor was from North America. Korean students were introduced to the concept of service-learning as well as organizational communication, after which the faculty and students worked together on placement of service-learning sites outside the university. The concept of service learning seemed to be new to most Korean university students, and most students tended to describe the service-learning project as volunteerism or community service. Some students expressed resistance, either verbally or as part of surveys after the fact. Students who gained measurably from the experience also communicated an altered view of themselves and fellow citizens less fortunate then themselves. Students were required to return from their service-learning project to present in English the results of their efforts. The results of this study were gleaned from surveys of students and site supervisors. The authors chose the 6th Asian Diaspora Pre-conference as a venue to disseminate initial results in order to determine response from fellow academics that have knowledge and experience of Asian perspectives. Bringing this research before an expert audience was intended as a first avenue to share findings.

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