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Exploring Health and Health Education Participation of African American Fathers
Posted on Sunday, January 01, 2012

E. Paulette Isaac, Wilma J. Calvert

In recent years, there has been increased attention to the importance of a healthy lifestyle. However, health indicators continue to support a decline in the overall health status of African American men. Studies have adequately explained adults‘ education participation motivations; few have explored African American men‘s motivations to participate in health educational programs. The purpose of this study was to explore African American men‘s motivations for participating in health education. Using focus group interviews, we identified themes which explain their motivations for participation. We discuss three primary health education motivations of African American men. The findings can assist program planners and health educators in developing recruiting strategies and attracting African American men to participate in health education programs thereby enhancing their overall health. Key Words: African American fathers, Health Education, Motivation, Participation.

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