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Sociocultural Perspectives in an Online ESL Professional Development Program: Are There Transformative Features?
Posted on Sunday, January 01, 2012

Karin Sprow Forte

Colleges and universities across the country are looking for ways to increase accessibility as broad of an audience of learners as possible and are expanding into online formats (Allen & Searman, 2010). This is especially useful for programs designed for both working and non-working adults, who require a more flexible schedule for coursework, or who may not be able to attend courses located at a geographic distance. These institutions of higher education also maintain the larger educational objectives of their programs, including increasing the understanding of the world by the learners and expanding their ?habits of mind? (Cranton & King, 2003, p. 33). Academics are often likewise interested in maintaining the ?ideals of transformation and social change and the importance of these constructs for the public—outside of the university? (Moore, 2005, p. 77), indicating interest in transformative learning and critical reflection (Mezirow & Associates, 2000; Taylor, 2007).

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